Sunday, 7 January 2018

142 changes hands

Now, if you've known me for long or read my blog posts, you'd know it's focused on South London. What you're now probably thinking...what made me travel all the way to North West London like Edgware? The 142 changeover? Yes and No.

Yes - because I was conveniently there and thus cannot resist.
No - business. I'm the CEO of a shop*.
Photobombed ADE40428 and PDL117 (not displaying Kingsbury Circle) side by side
Edgware Bus Station

Friday, 1 December 2017

The 360 SEe's a great future

SEe63 (LJ67DKF) at the start of the route on Newington Causeway, Elephant & Castle
Maybe, though I'm the type of guy that prefers diesels mostly over anything. SEe's are one exception, which I would have over say... a centre-staircase DAF DB250 as they're uselessly underpowered in my opinion, bit harsh but the truth can't be denied, they were slow.
On the other hand, this batch of BYD Enviro200EV's, SEe52-65, they provide more than just speed.
Just like the humongous batch (SEe1-51) before it, they both have overhead batteries, similar chassis make and the same body to go with.

What you don't see in SEe1-51
Interior facing rear

What you have in SEe1-51
Interior facing rear
Get it?
If you don't then no worries as I'm here to explain. The Red Arrow routes, well, what's left of the series (507/521) are routes which spawn a swarm of workers from the hubs that areLondon Bridge, Victoria and Waterloo. Thus they require as much capacity as possible, however these routes are not only short but the worker's may only need a few stops. Thus makes double deckers inconvenient. These routes did have articulated single deckers though, of course.....every route was ripped off them.

The main focus isn't SEe1-65 as a whole, more just the 360 and it's new batch of all-electric BYD D9UR Enviro200 MMCs.

The answer to the difference in photos reflects on the difference between SEe1-51 and SEe52-65.
There's only standing room and few seats on the former batch for majority of the bus due to, as I mentioned, cram in as many workers as possible.
However the 360 isn't for that purpose so needs more seats than standing room, as it's your regular commuter service.

SEe57 (LJ67DJU) at Vauxhall Bus Station

These are of 10.8m length, 3.38m height and 2.47m width. They contain 31 seats with the ability to hold 49 standing people, though I feel the space doesn't match that number, in my opinion anyways.
Whereas the Red Arrow's equivalents only have 21 seats and can have up to 70 standees.
Interior facing front
 I'd prefer to stop with these comparisons but I can't refrain from doing so. Why? Just like SEe1-51, SEe52-65 also contain USB ports. So get chargers if you intend on doing them, as I forgot, even then my phone was at 64% anyway so no big deal.
The last row of seats, the left one.
So, how are they in terms of ride?
I can reply with "possibly better than the Red Arrow's batch". For a number of reasons.
- 507/521 are short routes and are worker routes so less convenient, especially in peak hour runs
- Surplus seats on 360's lots, 10 more seats but still
- More "refined" than the previous batch

Allow me to elaborate on what I mean. If you've boarded a Red Arrow one then you'll know that they get to speed fast enough, am I wrong? However these can reach the same speeds faster, not only that but they don't feel speed limited to 20mph unlike the Red Arrow's batch. The sound of it, to my ear at least, is that it's slightly rougher than the previous batch which is more high-pitch.

All in all, wonderful set of electric buses both batches are, but I'd prefer the Wright StreetAir do get some shine of it's own, having only two demonstrators, one with Go-Ahead as trialled on the 360.
WHY3 (LX55EAE) departing from the stands for 156/452, to start service
Where would I put these in comparison to the Wright Electrocity hybrid, WHY1-13?
Whilst those hybrids were certainly unique and the only batch to survive, they're outmatched by the superior SEe52-65 in my opinion. Not only are the WHYs shorter (at 10.2m), or carry less, but don't manage the same feat an SEe would. Which is the sudden burst of speed which makes you think the bus would jerk if it had gears.

Rear of WHY13 (LX11DVH), in Vauxhall Bus Station, towards Elephant
The 360 went from being a diesel route which started in February 2003 as Congestion Charge new bus route, to being a hybrid testing-ground to the third route to have All-Electric buses as it's full allocation, covering it's Peak Vehicle Requirement and spares. Whilst the 360 does have a history it's mainly route changes in South Kensington and the introduction of hybrids, more hybrids (full allocation), now full allocation of electrics.

Hope you enjoyed this relatively short post and, stay safe!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

45, 176, 188

It was nonetheless expected the 176 would be lost, it was questionable if Go-Ahead would gain the 188 off of Abellio at Walworth (WL), though they existed it wasn't highly expected I'd say, at least from me, that they'd gain the 45. Out of these three Arriva have been booted out of Camberwell area until March when they reappear with the 468. 197's existence making up for the lack of Arriva in Dulwich.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Europe Expedition

Technically take two in my career, or in my life up to roughly 6 six times, mostly Norway and Italy.

I needed another change of atmosphere so back to the colder temperature, though slightly different, I even ventured to across the border to Göteborg (Sweden's second most populated city with less than half that of Stockholm), visiting my uncle there. I was reunited with articulated single deckers, this time not Mercedes Benz's Citaro Gs or MAN's Lion City Gs....a type I didn't get a chance to analyse...the Solaris Urbino 18.
Keolis 2738 (WTE 248) at it's stop in Angered centrum though with engine off, which automatically turns off LEDs.
Serving 76 to Rannebergen, prior to departure.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Wandering, part 2

Continuing from my previous Wandering, part 1 post, I started off the next day...

28th September:
Unlike the previous day which I had most stuff planned out prior and practically on the spot, covering many things in a day as humanly possible without getting drenched into evening rush hour.
Thus, I decided to only focus on one route.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Wandering, part 1

I have returned from my stay in Oslo for the duration of 4 weeks and in Göteborg (though for a few days), I had nothing to do on the 27th or 28th and I happened to wake up in the morning, and with no internet to procrastinate so I decided to waste time by doing stuff I haven't and stuff that will go. So on this post I'll express the trips I've made on the 27th and 28th, not to diary format of course as clearly I'm the best when it comes to that...

27th September:
I have returned from my stay in Oslo for the duration of 4 weeks and in Göteborg (though for a few days), I had nothing to do on the 27th and I happened to wake up in the morning, and with no internet to procrastinate so I decided to waste time by doing stuff I haven't and stuff that will go.

Friday, 28 July 2017

A transitless 266...

I'll be honest, I noticed my last post was at the end of April and was not quite happy that I didn't make more posts (well, I don't have a quota, self-employed pay-less job), so I decided to rush something in rather than nothing in. I have an upcoming post and possibly another, just that I need to gather more time to execute it efficiently into a reasonable, readable post that's not that much of a bore.
VN37975 (BG61SXK) at it's stop in the Lower Bus Station of Hammersmith.